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Besides bookkeeping and tax advisory we are striving towards providing our clients with a full service for online sellers. Thereby, we are specialized to support online sellers to grow their business strategically no matter at what stage the company is right now. We are happy to assist you with the exact service you are looking for:

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Tax Consulting and Accounting with FBA, PAN-EU and EFN

As specialists in the area of consulting and accounting our team provides a unique full service for online retailers. Especially Amazon sellers who participate in the PAN-EU and EFN program will benefit greatly from our expertise in these areas. Through our in-depth experience with international taxation we support your company facilitating strategic growth.


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Since we use specific interfaces designed especially to fit your purposes, you’ll be able to correctly display even several thousand orders per month. Even customers who don’t have their own merchandise management system will benefit from an easy estimation and illustration of all revenue.

Efficiency & Perfomance

Specialised Consultation and Accounting for Amazon Sellers

Only with a consulting concept specifically designed for online trading as well as the necessary expertise we are able to correctly identify your needs and address them properly. This includes all fiscal particularities of international trade as well as in-depth knowledge about the processes and procedures applied by Amazon.

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Focus on Amazon sellers

In 2016 Amazon sellers generated higher revenues than Amazon itself. This clearly highlights Amazon’s potential as a marketplace for retailers. Besides its high media coverage through Amazon, sellers can benefit from the Fulfilment by Amazon, in short FBA. This agreement includes storage, packaging, shipping and order returns. In addition, when choosing the FBA program, sellers can offer Amazon Prime delivery for their products. Products selling through Amazon Prime achieve significantly higher sales figures, since customers enjoy this fast delivery (often within a day) option.

Service fees depend on the products and volume and will be directly deducted from sales revenue. This way sellers bypass the use of their own storage facilities and staff.